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We supply a wide variety of temporary and permanent road safety solutions and equipment. Our products are manufactured locally using the best materials for South African conditions and are supplied to Mining Corporations, Government Road Agencies, Event Management Companies, Corporate Sites, Schools and the general public. RoaDoctor (Pty) Ltd. is a relatively young dynamic company with staff who endeavour to deliver superior service to our existing and potential new client base. We supply top quality products ensuring good value for money and continued focus on road safety. We supply roadblock and traffic control solutions to South Africa and beyond its borders. The company markets all its products under the RoaDoctor banner.

We believe that all equipment used in a road traffic or industrial safety environment must be robust and reliable. The majority of products are for use in harsh Southern African conditions which makes it more than capable of operating in virtually any environment. Our comprehensive range of traffic safety and calming equipment include speed bumps, barriers, cones, locks and clamps, flashers, road studs, delineators, traffic signs and more for deployment at accident scenes, in car parks, construction and mining locations, shopping centres and other environments that require clear safety measures.



Please browse through the catelogue of products and contact us if you have any queries or would like a quote.


We have a special limited stock offer on PPE Safety Masks. 5000 Units at R1.80 per unit ex vat. Call us now for a quote.


We offer a full range of delineators, bases and barrier netting for road and construction projects. View our Delineators and Bases page for more info on delineator usage, specifications, placement and spacing standards.
Delineators and Bases Page..


We supply a range of Traffic Cones, also known as Road Cones or Safety Cones in various sizes each with unique reflective features and coloring. View our Road Cones page for additional info on the types, specifications and options.
Traffic Cones..


We have a range of Barriers which offer water-filled and stackable options to reduce storage and transportation costs. View our Barriers page for more info on Barrier usage, specifications and features.
Barriers and Netting..


Our range of permanent and temporary Road Studs and Dual Component Expoxy are manufactured for South African road conditions. View our Road Studs and Epoxy page for additional info on the types available including Stimsonite and Solar.
Road Studs and Epoxy..


Our range of extendable Rubber Speed Bumps and Pyrimads have a unique shape to effectively slow down vehicles to reduce accidents. View our Speed Bumps page for additional info and specifications.
Speed Bumps and Pyramids..


Stop Blocks ensure heavy vehicles do not roll when parken on an incline. They are an important safety feature for small to large trucks. View our Stop Blocks page for more info, specifications and options.
Stop Blocks..


Safety Signs are essential everywhere to warn people of hazardous areas and to direct them through evacuation routes.
Safety Signs..


Traffic Signs are used all over our Road Systems and in Parking Lots, Airports, Hotels, Schools, Shopping Centres and many more. Traffic Signs..


Household Signs are a common sight to warn of dogs, surveilance and security cameras, restricted areas and many other uses. Household Signs..

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